Audrey’s Hard OTK Paddling of Tom AGAIN!!

Enjoy more F/M Free Spanking Pictures Tom and Audrey sat talking. Tom joked that he had been bad at work and needed a spanking. Audrey was more than happy to provide that service for him. Starting easy on him Tom laid over her knee as she warmed his butt with her bare hand. His pants […]

Audrey POV OTK F/M Spanking

  See more Free Pictures of hot POV F/M Spanking. Walking in the room at the wrong time and seeing Audrey looking over the credit card bill it is too late to escape. As she sits and explains the dangers of overcharging she decided to make sure her point is well understood. Smacking her hand […]

Lilly Spanks Kade

Bad Boy Spanked! More F/M Spanking Pictures Lily had heard it all as Kade tried to persuade her. As much as he begs she isn’t buying his lines. A slip of the tongue gets him a over the knee spanking. Those pants are just blocking her getting to watch his ass turn to a nice […]

F/M #Spanking Ace’s Bare Bottom OTK Spanking by Lana

Enjoy more F/M Free Spanking Pictures Ace has always been a cool customer, knowing how to play it safe. Somehow he made a misstep and Lana has the proof. The forgotten receipt now evidence that deserves action. Ace can only submit to the punishment Lana prescribes, or else she will let his secret out of […]

Spanking his Bare Bottom with a Hard OTK Hairbrush Paddling Lana

A Bad Boy’s Hard Spanking! More F/M Spanking and Paddling Pictures. It’s a quiet night and Ace is feeling his oats. Being sassy with Lana is a quick way for Ace to find himself over her knee. Lana puts her foot down to stop his sass. His pants offer him some protection and he last […]

Audrey spanks Tom with a Paddle Bent Over and OTK

Enjoy more Free Pictures Spanking of this bad boy bent over and OTK getting his naughty bottom spanked and paddled. Tom has made a habit of coming in late and Audrey has had enough. She decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands as she waits paddles ready to help get her point […]

Claire Spanks James OTK With a Hairbrush

Enjoy more F/M Free Spanking Pictures James wanted to surprise Clair with a new haircut. Was she ever surprised, her gasp of shock quickly followed by the lecture of how James needed to be more responsible. Clair knew she needed to nip this issue in the butt quickly as she put James over her knee […]

Anikka Spanks Her Groping Tutor

Anikka is a super sexy blonde with toned legs. Her tutor just cannot resist her. He gropes her. She will tell unless he takes a hard spanking from her. Over her knee he goes for a hard spanking with hand, wooden spoon and a wooden paddle. His butt gets red and marked and hopefully he […]

Kay and Anthony – Guitar Barehand OTK Spanking

Bad Boy Spanked! More F/M Spanking Pictures Anthony sat waiting for Kay. Serenading her with the new country song he had written for her. The words moving her to save a horse and ride a cowboy, Kay got on his back as they played around. A playful swat as an idea formed in Kay’s head. […]

Tutor Spank College Boy

Sadie Holmes is back as the strict tutor who spanks college boys. She lectures him, puts him over her knee and spanks him long and hard with her hand and a paddle, telling him over and over again how his sister agreed that spankings are what will keep him in order. And he shouldn’t ever […]

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