House Boy Spanking Part 9

Mistress inspecting her naughty boys marked bottom

MNistress Amber finishes spanking her house boys naughty worthless bottom with the hist brush and then humiliates him bay taking hin back over her knee to inspect his marks and ,make sure she feels he has been adequately punished so she won’t have to waste another 30 minutes tomoorow spanking his worthless fat bottom. See […]

Life in her Lair

life in her lair femdom besm video

House Boy Spanking Part 8 No Good Choice

Mistress paddloing her house boy as a punishment

The House boy bent over the table yet again has his sore bruised bottom spanked by Mistress.   She demeans and lectures him and offers a choice of implents for his punishment but ignores the request and spanks his sore exposed bottom with a paddle.  By this point his punishment is well inoto the 30 minute […]

House Boy Spanking Part 6 Spanked like a Schoolboy

mistress pulls his knickers down and spanks him like a naughty school boy

With the house boy across her knee Miss Amber Learns that the naughty boy was not spanked by his teachers during his school days.  Suddenly it becomes clear why he doesn’t know how to behave since she feels his naughty bottom should have been bare and spanked daily long before she met him.  She makes […]

Look But Dont Touch

look but don't touch 3 femdoms and a male sub bdsm video

Three Sexy Dommes Tie up and tease their male sub but he can’t touch them back or cum.  Free Femdom video

House Boy Spanking Part 5 The Lucky Boy

A Naughty boy has his bare bottom paddled by mistress

Miss Amber paddles him with out any reprieve before telling him what a lucky boy he is. After all she is taking her time to punish his naughty bottom thoroughly so he can learn hoe to server her and be useful.   Well as Useful as a houseboy can be.  Will Adam ever learn to please […]

House Boy Spanking Part 4

mistress spanking the house boys in the kitchen

Miss Amber spanks her naughty boys bottom bright pink OTK before bending him over the counter and spanking his already pink bottom with the leather paddle.  She lays into him harder with each swat.  Then she makes him begin to thank her for punishing his naughty bottom in order to make him a respectable and […]

House Boy Spanking Part 3 Bends His Big Bottom over the Table

House boy being spanked otk by mistress

Adam and his ample bottom are bent over the table by Mistress Amber for a hair brush spanking.  She paddles his plump butt with a hair brush over his boxer shorts while dominating him with her words and lecturing him all while the swats land. Before his bared bottom is taken over her knee to […]

House Boy Spanking Mistress Amber Givevs Adama a Proper Spanking

mistress spanks her naughty house boys bruiserd bottom with a hair brush

As Adan is bent over Miss Amber Comments on Adam’s already bruised bottom and she expresses her disappointment in his disobedience.  Frustrated that she has to beat his naughty bottom a second day in a row her houseboy is given the choice of implements which she ignores and then bends him over the table for […]

Lunchtime Loser FF/M Spanking

FF/M Spanking and Femdomme movie

In the Femdom and CFNM spanking Video we find our “Lunch Time Loser” Humiliated by his wife and her girlfriend as the strip him down and spanking.  After that add it a bit of face slapping,  clothes pins for CBT, and a lot more spanking as these two sexy powerful women toy with him mercilessly […]