Lift Your Skirt Up and Pull Your Panties Down

“Lift your skirt up, pull your panties down, and grab your ankles” ahhh those familiar words that have been said time and again can still strike fear into a a wayward young woman’s heart.  After all she has no choice and it’s quite clear that anything she tries to get out of being punished will only make the spanking that much harder and longer.

And after they gym teacher is done with herand puts her and her exposed bright red bottom in the corner to thing things over all the can think of it that she knows all too well that the note that is getting sent home about being paddled in school will mean an even harder paddling on an already sore butt later that night, hopefully not from both parents.  So with that she does as she’s told, lifts her skirt, lowers her panties, bends over, grabs her ankles and accepts her fate waiting for the pain to begin. Soon enough her ass will be on fire and the sound of wood on her bare bottom will be echoing through the room.



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