Making Her Husband Pay Part 1

Huband lowering his pants and preparing to be spanked

  Behave like a naughty boy in Miss Heelena’s house and you will be treated like one!  That is the lesson that Mike has learned from his strict wife today! Turned over Miss Heelena’s knee and soundly spanked he soon sees the error of his ways!  But the corporal punishment that Miss Heelena has in mind […]

Lunchtime Loser FF/M Spanking

FF/M Spanking and Femdomme movie

In the Femdom and CFNM spanking Video we find our “Lunch Time Loser” Humiliated by his wife and her girlfriend as the strip him down and spanking.  After that add it a bit of face slapping,  clothes pins for CBT, and a lot more spanking as these two sexy powerful women toy with him mercilessly […]

Loving the Cane a FM Spanking

FM Caning and spanking video

With his bottom bared this male sub finds himself bent over the spanking horse while two Beautiful Dommes spank his bare bottom with solid flesh searing cane strokes. Free Femdom Spanking Videos (Scroll down to Watch Loving the Cane)

Sissy Husband Spanked by His Wife

sissy husband in stocking and garters is given a spanking by his wife

This cross dressing sissy husband is in his stocking and garters is given a spanking by his wife. And that is just the start of his punishment! Free Femdom Spanking Pictures.

Slight Damage to the Rear End (F/M)

fm bare bottomcaning while bent over a chair

Slight Damage to the Rear End (F/M) Strict headmistress Molly Malone accepts no bad behaviour ? even from her Chair of Governors. After a foolish mistake, Sir John has a choice between the police, or a severe cold caning.    

Audrey spanks Tom with a Paddle Bent Over and OTK

F/M Spanking Picture of asexy brunette spanking a man with a leather paddle on his bare butt

Enjoy more Free Pictures Spanking of this bad boy bent over and OTK getting his naughty bottom spanked and paddled. Tom has made a habit of coming in late and Audrey has had enough. She decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands as she waits paddles ready to help get her point […]

Anikka Spanks Her Groping Tutor

Clare Fonda pass add several pictures across the bottom of women spanking or standing together. On the upper and middle of the left side a brunette woman in a red dress sitting on a bed.

Anikka is a super sexy blonde with toned legs. Her tutor just cannot resist her. He gropes her. She will tell unless he takes a hard spanking from her. Over her knee he goes for a hard spanking with hand, wooden spoon and a wooden paddle. His butt gets red and marked and hopefully he […]

Alexis Trains Boyfriend Bradley with a Hard Spanking

Sexy brunette girlfriend hand spanking her bent over boyfriend

Tall beauty Alexis has a new boyfriend, Bradly King. Seems like he is a bit lazy, doesn’t have a job, so she tells him to clean up the messy house while she is away at work. When she gets home and finds that he has done nothing, she decides to discipline like a child. She […]

The Spy – FM FF Spanking Fantasy

a FF and FM spanking picture

See more Free Pictures and the Spanking Video Captured spy Will Savage is brought in and bound for questioning, alongside Caroline Grey, an agent suspected of fraternising with him. Interrogators Blake and Rutherford suspect the spy of having a chivalrous heart, despite his defiance. If he won’t talk to save his own skin, he might […]

Emily Spanks College Boy for Peeping

Clare Spanks Men Banner

Emily finds a college boy, her friend’s brother, peeping on her. She could tell her friend about her brother peeping, but instead she decides to discipline him herself. So in POV fashion, the tall beauty puts him over her knee for a hand spanking, followed by hard spankings with her wooden bath brush. After, she […]