Uncle Delivers an Old Fashioned Spanking on His Nieces Bare Bottom

Big Man spanking a cute young woman's bare bottom

See More Free Spanking Pictures of this Uncle Delivering an Old Fashioned Spanking on His Nieces Bare Bottom! Go back to the days in the 50’s when punishment for naughty girls and boys warranted an over the knee bare bottom spanking. And just like in those times no one gave a second thought to taking […]

Cheerleaders Bouncing Breasts lead to a humilating spanked bare bottom

cheerleader being spanked in the humiating wheelbarrow postion

See more Cheerleader Spanking pictures in the Free Spanking Picture Gallery Sophie was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the bad behaviour & poor attitude would have to show a […]

Just Because we like Seeing Cheerleaders Being Spanked

Black cheerleader being spanked by a teacher on her bare butt

Enjoy more FREE Cheerleader Spanking Pictures We love cheerleader spanking as the title of this post suggests and her bottom is extra special and the facial expressions during the spanking are pretty great too!  So we simply thought we’d share another picture from this wonderful set!     Like this:Like Loading…

M/F Spanking Parent Disciplines Teacher with A Cane

Woman kneeling on the teachers desk having her butt beat with a cane as punishment

Enjoy More M/F Spanking Pictures Sarah is known for her spanking abilities, today however she finds herself at the business end of a cane. Her bum receives the attentions of a disgruntled person that had decided to teach the teacher a lesson. She first is prone over a spanking horse as he unleashes several blows, […]

The Cheeky Cheerleader

Black cheerleader being given a bare bottom otk spanking with a hairbrush

  The Cheeky Cheerleader: Lola was feeling a little highly strung before her latest cheergirl practice session. She was already late so coach Osborne had planned to pick her up to speed things along… Lola had been staying at Dave’s place & John let himself in shouting for her to come down but Lola had […]

The Magician’s Apprentice (part 2) (M/F)

mf historical and ritualized spanking

Free Spanking Pictures and Video Sophie has latent magical ability, but she must learn control. Master Finlay claims her as his own through a painful initiation. Now she too is a magician’s apprentice – and can be punished as one. Like this:Like Loading…

Cheerleader Bare Bottom OTK and Wheelbarrow Spanking for Uniform Violation

Cheeleader getting a barebottom OTK spanking

See more Cheerleader spanking pictures in the Free Spanking Picture Gallery As she is spanked bare bottom in her cheer uniform both OTK and in the humiliating wheelbarrow position. Sophie was one of those girls that never really learned her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid […]

Nothing Sexual – Secretary spanked by her boss

a boss spanking his secretary OTK

See more of the Sectary getting her bottom spanked in the Free Spanking Picture Gallery Secretary Miss Lau gives her boss the flight schedule & confirmation of his long awaited business class trip to Barbados. She thinks she has done well getting him a decently priced non refundable flight, the dates are correct, the airport […]

Hangover Cure A Bare Bottom OTK Spanking in her Pajamas

blonde woman in Pajama's being spanked OTK

– Enjoy more Bare Bottom OTK Spanking Pictures The Hangover Cure: Leandra had far too much to drink the night before her all day filmshoot so John wasn’t best pleased when he came into her room to find her still in bed sleeping off the start of what looked alike a bad hangover! He knew […]

AAA Great Spanking Galleries For Your Viewing Pleasure

a schoolgirl bending another schoolgirl over to give a second spanking on her alredy sore bottom

This Week Once again it’s our pleasure to bring you a super spanking post of some of the hottest and hardest spankings on the net.   By Clicking the image below you can enjoy all the great spanking action and bright red bottoms they have to offer. First Up is “Attitude Adjustment” Sarah could be a […]

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