Audrey spanks Tom with a Paddle Bent Over and OTK

F/M Spanking Picture of asexy brunette spanking a man with a leather paddle on his bare butt

Enjoy more Free Pictures Spanking of this bad boy bent over and OTK getting his naughty bottom spanked and paddled. Tom has made a habit of coming in late and Audrey has had enough. She decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands as she waits paddles ready to help get her point […]

Kay and Anthony – Guitar Barehand OTK Spanking

F/M Spanking A sexual a man's bare bottom with a leather paddle

Bad Boy Spanked! More F/M Spanking Pictures Anthony sat waiting for Kay. Serenading her with the new country song he had written for her. The words moving her to save a horse and ride a cowboy, Kay got on his back as they played around. A playful swat as an idea formed in Kay’s head. […]

Alexis Trains Boyfriend Bradley with a Hard Spanking

Sexy brunette girlfriend hand spanking her bent over boyfriend

Tall beauty Alexis has a new boyfriend, Bradly King. Seems like he is a bit lazy, doesn’t have a job, so she tells him to clean up the messy house while she is away at work. When she gets home and finds that he has done nothing, she decides to discipline like a child. She […]

Phoenix Spanks Her Boyfriend Bottom Bright Red POV

Girlfriend spanking her boyfriend on his bare bottom with a hair brush for being late

It is time to take a trip to Vegas with her boyfriend, but he is not ready. So the tall, sultry red-headed lady named Phoenix knows of only one way to deal with this. We start with her man over her knee in POV fashion, and she begins turning his bottom red like her hair […]

Slave for a Day a F/M Spanking

FM Bare bottom caning picture

Enjoy More Free F/M Spanking Pictures and Video Sebastian is so sure he’s going to ace their next essay he doesn’t bother studying and makes a bet with his flatmate: whoever gets a higher mark gets whatever they want for a day. Of course Nimue wins, and she milks it for all it’s worth. Sebastian […]

Boyfriend Anthony s OTK Bare Bottom F/M Spanking Kay

Mang recieving a bare bottom spanking over his girlfriend's lap

Enjoy more Free F/M Spanking Pictures of this bad boy getting his naughty bottom spanked. Anthony and Kay are having a discussion. Kay knows that there is one sure fire way to get her point across. Motioning for Anthony to come over, she knows he will be easy prey for her seductive trap. Having him […]

Kailee spanks Daniel OTK for Making Her Wait

Sexy Brunette spanking her boyfriend OTK for being late

Enjoy more F/M Free Spanking Pictures Kailee sits waiting for Daniel, of course he has kept her waiting. This is not acceptable in her world, how dare he make her wait? A brief discussion and his lame excuse of needing to study for class do not impress Kailee. It’s time to remind him that the […]

F/M Spanking Kailee spanks Daniel Over her Knee

Sexy Brunnette Pulling her boyfriend over her lap for an OTK bare hand spanking

See more Free F/M OTK Spanking Pictures Kailee finds her favorite CD scratched and she knows Daniel did it. He was the one who would always say it would play better scratched up. When he walks in the room he faces the fury of a woman pissed off. Kailee makes sure he won’t touch her […]

The Stood Up GIrl Friend Spanks Her Boyfriend so He Can’t Sit Down

Sexy Blond Girlfriend looking into the camera as she hold a hair brush and is ready to spank her boyfriend's bare bottom for standing her up

Briella was stood up by her boyfriend so she decides to teach him a new kind of lesson. He can either leave forever, or take a hard spanking over her knee. He takes the spanking, which is with hand, hairbrush and finally a large wooden cutting board that she breaks over his poor, sore bottom. […]

Train to Abstain POV Spanking

Fiance wielding a heavy wooden paddle plans to spank hey boyfriend until his hard on goes away

Ashley Rose is spanking her fiance so that he wouldn’t have sex before marriage. Every time he gets hard, she vows to spank him until the hard-on goes away. This time he gets hard again, so she must up the ante and spank him even harder, using her hand, hairbrush and finally a large wooden […]

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