The Story of the Big Girl Spanking Paddle - The Big Girl Spanking PaddleIf you’ve been to our site (and you have since you’re reading this unless it’s been ripped off you have) you’ll notice that paddle picture on the sides of many of our posts.   Now based on the fact we run a site dedicated to spanking typically it’s safe to assume that we’re kind of into that activity on some level or another.  In my case it’s been a lifelong interest and part of my adult relationships both for sexual play and in some cases actual discipline.

The paddle you see featured on our background is one I made as a gift for a girlfriend.   Like most paddles, and certainly all wood ones it started out life somewhere as a tree.  You know innocently growing in a forest or farm making oxygen and what not. Then it was harvested and eventually sent to a home improvement store.

Sure the other pieces of wood by it might have been turned into a shelf, or a picture frame or some nick nack or another but that wasn’t this particular piece of wood’s fate.   Nope it was destined to be used for other purposes.  One would imagine most paddles that are made are done so with the purpose of giving a good ass beating but odds are in most cases no one went to the store or lumber yard specifically  to buy a piece of wood to make it into one.  They found a piece of wood in the shop, cut it to shape, maybe finished by rounding the edges or staining and sealing it. Then put it to people’s backsides as needed.

So there I am standing looking at red oak, white oak, poplar, and birch.  I have a variety of board widths and thicknesses in my hand and the nice fellow in the store’s vest comes up and offers to help.  I try to tell him I’m just buying a few samples to try some stain on before deciding “what is really needed”.  Being a helpful fellow he asks if I’d like him to look for some scraps to do that with. I politely decline knowing that absolutely nothing good could come of telling him my plans for the wood and that samples wouldn’t really work.   “Why yes sir I’m going to make a paddle.  I’m not a shop teacher re-suppling the superintendent; actually it’s for my girlfriend and she asked me to make something heavy and thuddy because she really isn’t into sting”.  So avoiding that uncomfortable type of exchange and being a terrible liar the topic was just avoided and the arm load of wood and I eventually made our way to the front of the store.  Four different types and widths of boards without explain my intention.

At home the cutting and shaping started.   After all how hard could it be to cut a handle into a board to spank someone with?   If it was for pure function then it wouldn’t be hard at all but as far as wanting it even and to have some aesthetic value…well t was more challenging than it should have been given my skill set.   Still I made 12 paddles from the bunch of wood.  Each got a little better and the one yu see pictured here would become a gift in a set of 3 for a girlfriend.  Of course I didn’t get to play with them with her first but I did get several pictures of huge bulls eyes on her cute butt from the first use which happened to be by JD this site’s “Master of Discipline”.

In time JD would nick named it the big girl paddle because of it heft and the heavy impact even a light swat causes.   Not only does it mark and bruise easily but one must be careful of placement of each swat and position the bottom is put it.   It’s left more than one girl’s bottom marked and throbbing.  It’s whacked jeans, panties, a few skirts and even been applied straight to the spankee’s bare butt without a warm up on a few occasions.

Sure the life of paddle might not be glamorous. It doesn’t get seen at family dinners or hold porcelain treasures but it was built to last and is both loved and hated by those it’s been used on.  On more than once occasion the threat of “don’t make me get the big girl paddle out” has caused panties to get sopping wet at the prospect of seemingly imminent spanking play. It’s also made that same naughty girl remember the last time she was given a real discipline spanking; jeans and panties down, bent over with her hands on her knees.   After all it was the big girl paddle that left bottom her sore and bruised for days and gasping to count each hard lick her backside got.

It may not be perfect.  The handle might be a little too high on one side and too low on the other. Still the big girl paddle was made to last and will be applied countless more times and will still be in use long after that shelf is sold at a garage sale.  Who knows after we’re done with it it might have a new life with another set of spanko’s.   After all it would be a shame to see it stop being used.

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